A beautiful morning is such a perfect time to host a baby shower, and catering for a breakfast celebration can be fun and simple, especially if you’re having a sit down affair. Here are 5 easy-to-create foods that will have your guests craving more:

1.French toast and maple syrup

Cook up a whole lot of French toast, cut into triangle quarters, and serve with shot glasses filled with delicious maple syrup. Just put the corner of the French toast into the glass for easy, effecting serving.

2.Muesli bowls

Delicious muesli topped with Greek yogurt and your favourite berries is such a breakfast classic and everyone’s fresh favourite. Top tip for this morning treat: use berries (or other fruits) that are in season.

3.A cheese and cold meat board with fresh croissants

Head to your favourite local bakery and serve the freshest croissants to your guests. They can use your selection of cheeses and cold meats to create their own croissants that will be filling and tasty. You can even make your own cheese board to go with your theme.

4.Date balls

Date balls are a great morning treat and certainly satisfy those sweet cravings at a party.

5.A cake, of course

Choose an understated cake for a breakfast celebration — a fruit flavoured one is an ideal end of meal treat for guests.

Concept & Styling: Kimmy & Bear; Photography: Robyn Davie